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The name Pillars of Peer Support was chosen in 2009 by the first Peer Support Summit members, as the word Pillar means person, structure, and resource essential to hold up something.
The Pillars of Peer Support provides ongoing resources to promote Peer Support Services in state mental health systems of care.  The original Pillars of Peer Support Summits brought together nationally-recognized experts from across the U.S. to identify fundamental elements that greatly facilitate the use of Peer Support Services.  Each Summit produced a unique toolkit for building a foundation for the successful implementation of peer support services.  
*adapted from the Pillars of Peer Support, 2009 - 2014

To learn more in-depth about the history behind Pillars of Peer Support, click here.

Who Are We?

The Copeland Center and a National Advisory Council will support and maintain the Pillars of Peer Support.  It will take the dedicated effort of peer supporters, leadership, allies, and stakeholders to keep our Pillars relevant and strong.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to gather information and resources to build and sustain peer support services in every state and community.

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