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Navigating Pillars of Peer Support

This website includes a library of shared resources, and opportunities to enhance the peer workforce.

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"The development of peer support relationships is what many refer to as a life-changing, strengths-based, and hope-filled experience. Peer Support is based on values of mutuality, transparency, and a humanistic offering of empathy. It is the future of care systems and will transform the way humans are able to support each other in fellowship."


The name Pillars of Peer Support was chosen in 2009 by the first Peer Support Summit members, as the word Pillar means person, structure, and resource essential to hold up something.


The Pillars of Peer Support provides ongoing resources to promote Peer Support Services in state mental health systems of care.  The original Pillars of Peer Support Summits brought together nationally-recognized experts from across the U.S. to identify fundamental elements that greatly facilitate the use of Peer Support Services.  Each Summit produced a unique toolkit for building a foundation for the successful implementation of peer support services.  

*adapted from the Pillars of Peer Support, 2009 - 2014


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